Forums and Mumble Server

The forums have been set up for discussion. As of right now the only information you’ll find is information about the minecraft server and the mumble server. Make sure to read the rules and I’ll see you all around! In the future I’ll set up some dedicated pages for walkthroughs for installing the right minecraft client so they can connect but for now I’ll assume you all know what you’re doing.

Setting up

Hey all!

As you can see we’re still getting things set up around here. This will become the future home for my stream community and personal blog/thoughts. You’ll find my thoughts on games(Not really a game review mind you) what games I’m playing and how to play with myself and others from my stream. The first thing going up will be a minecraft server running feed the beast/techworld 2. Hopefully this will be up and public within the next week or so.

Stay tuned for updates!